Small Business Owners

Does your Website need a Make-Over?

You know how it is… You’re looking at your own website and you get that uncomfortable, niggling feeling. You try to push it away, but it’s still there. You’re just not totally happy with how your website looks.


Are you proud of your website?

And it’s not fair, because you’ve put heaps of time into trying to make it look great.

It’s hard enough to get a website up from scratch in the first place – all those new things to figure out like buying a domain name, getting hosting and figuring out what the heck FTP is.

(Not to mention HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, jQuery…)

But why doesn’t your website look as good as you wish it did? What makes some websites look more attractive and professional compared to others?

It feels like you only have two choices – do it all yourself, or relinquish all control to a geek-speaking web designer.

Chances are that you formed your ideas about your options from either a fellow small business owner who recommended the Do-It-Yourself route, or a web designer who wanted to take charge of your website and bamboozle you with geekery and technowizardry that no mere mortals can comprehend.

But there is an alternative

Did you know that there’s a way you can have a truly attractive, professional design and yet retain full control over all your content? In fact, there’s no good reason why you should need to pay a web designer to fix a typo, change a headline, or even add or remove a whole page all by yourself whenever you darn well feel like it. Technology has advanced, and now you can have the power without the headaches.

It really is possible to be in total control of your control and be extremely proud of how your website looks.

I know exactly how you feel

I know how frustrating it is to put your heart and soul into your website, and then get very little income back from it. In fact, for me it was devastating when my hard work wasn’t paying off. You see, I wasn’t always a designer. After I left school I studied office administration, small business, and life coaching.

I knew I was a very professional, trustworthy, honest person who could provide a great service that would really help people improve their lives. But, the market for life coaching is small here in Australia, and I needed a website so I could attract clients from around the world. It all sounded so easy in theory.

I didn’t have lots of money to spend on hiring web designers and professional copywriters, so I figured out how to create my own website through trial and error. Lots of trials and lots of errors, in fact. I learned from experience what not to do. I decided to stop flogging the dead horse that was my online life coaching business, and I became a virtual assistant in the life coaching industry. (A virtual assistant is like an office assistant who works over the phone and the internet.)

I learned the hard way

During that time I learned so much at once about why my life coaching website hadn’t worked, and I started to see why other people’s websites weren’t working for them, and I would show them how to improve their websites. Word spread, and I started getting more and more design work.

And now I want to help you to avoid the mistakes I made with my first website, and fix the ones you don’t even realize you’ve made. Let me show you how to improve the results you are getting from your website.


Get all your website mistakes fixed

Does this sound like you?